About Us

Our Mission

Business Triage provides a framework for business decision making, outcome goal prioritisation, and resource allocation in many business environments. 

Business Triage involves categorising desired outcomes and goals and the processes that support them based on their relative importance to achieving a stated measurable goal or outcome. 

Business Triage allocate resources based on the outcome/goal and process category/rank, with resources first dedicated to red, then yellow, and finally green categories. 

Our Team

Business Triage Directors have extensive knowledge of business in both domestic and international environments, this experience provides a sound basis for assessing support for any business that engages in the fact find process.

The process of listening first, assessing the information collected about the business afterwards before making recommendations tends to provide the business owners with a clear plan of action.  This plan may be supported with introductions to specialist providers who in turn may be able to offer grant-supported solutions to help make them affordable.

Our Marketplace

The North East SME sector has a huge opportunity for growth as the graphic with 2018 statistics below shows.

Non-SME enterprises dominate the area in terms of business turnover despite the fact SME's firms make-up 99.9% of trading businesses and generate only 57% of the regions turnover.

Business Triage wants to improve the turnover and profitability of the SME's in the North East with strong growth partners assisting to provide resource to those companies wanting to improve.

Source: ONS 2018 & BEIS 2018